fiat 500 fuel tank panda fuel tankvolumen fiat 500 fiat 500 tankvolumen fiat panda 91 fiat panda.
fiat 500 fuel tank panda fuel tankvolumen fiat 500 fiat 500 tankvolumen fiat panda 91 fiat panda.

fiat 500 fuel tank panda fuel tankvolumen fiat 500 fiat 500 tankvolumen fiat panda 91 fiat panda.



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TANK FIAT PANDA 4X4 #two INJECTION Product (‘94/EARLY 2000 A long time)

scbo3The 2nd injection model is produced for automobiles made by Fiat in the many years from 1994 early 2000. This product of tank is equipped with oval link for oval shaped gas suction pump and the fuel inlet tube, which connects to the rubber sleeve, is round formed with a diameter of 35 mm.

We create the very same tank in corked variant also this is specially helpful if the petrol vapors’ restoration valves have been ruined: in actuality with the corked tank the trouble is surpassed and the mechanic, in the course of the assembly phase, is appreciably facilitated in his get the job done.

All our panda injection tanks are printed in large high quality metallic sheet, galvanized on equally sides and with a thickness of 1.5 mm (in comparison to eight tenths thickness of the unique Fiat tank).

They are welded using a welding roller device managed by a PLC following welding operations, in obedience to our substantial good quality benchmarks, they are pressed at 1 bar (ambiance) and controlled in a drinking water tub, for the reason that every single tank built by CTR should be 100% confirmed.

We use powder portray, which is the finest defense for a tank whose place is experiencing the floor and subsequent to the wheel.

Owing to the higher excellent of the product or service, the warranty that we supply is not less than 40 several years. Even so, it does not protect any injury brought about by impacts.

Our tank is, in the shape as in the proportions, absolutely similar to the first product, which has been faithfully reproduced This assures a clean and fantastic set up.

In addition to the purely commercial 1, our mission is to give a tank that, thanks to the nature of the fluid which need to consist of, has an unquestionably unobjectionable amount of stability.

The manufacture of our tanks is visually remarkable also thanks to the stamping of exceptional top quality. The product is always obtainable. The shipping and delivery time is 24 to forty eight hours according to the location.
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